Posted 12 Apr

Support Worker

Whitehorse, YT Full Time
Salary: $20-$25/hour plus benefits

The role of the support worker at Aspen Residences is to:

The main purpose of a support worker is to provide the highest level of care and quality of life for the residents at Aspen Residences by:

• ensuring that all measures are taken to keep the residents safe

• role-modeling positive attitudes, behaviours, and skills as an example for the residents

• advocating for the whole well being of the residents

• following the established routines and policy and procedures of the program

• maintaining positive, fun, and healthy behaviours, language, and social opportunities, using community-based options wherever possible

• planning events and opportunities for residents both in-house and out of the home

• recording daily events, incidents, and occurrences, contacts, and so on

• general household chores and maintenance

• ordering of household supplies

• researching and becoming aware of conditions or considerations of each resident (e.g., autism, acquired brain injury, trauma, and so on)

• special assignments or project involvement

Currently we are expanding services to better meet the needs of adults on the Autism spectrum and are building a team to develop innovative and specialized programming. We would love to meet with potential staff interested in this opportunity.

Additional Application Instructions

Aspen Residences is a dynamic organization that provides a high standard of support and care for adult individuals with special needs. We are privately owned and have provided support services in the Yukon for more than twenty five years. Aspen residences’ programs focus on enhancing the individual’s quality of life. We believe in the normalization, integration, and self-determination rights and abilities of everyone. We respect the individual’s interest in and need for recreational, cultural, spiritual, social, mental and emotional development. Exposure to and use of community-based services and opportunities are vital to this development. We believe that all people have the potential to grow and develop physically, intellectually, and emotionally.

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