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Aurora Geosciences Ltd.

Warehouseman and Expediter

Whitehorse, YT Full Time
Salary: pay qualifications and experience



The Warehouseman is responsible for the security, storage, maintenance, repair, inventory and control of all company equipment in the branch to which he is assigned. He may also act as an expediter or field labourer or Technician when there are only a few projects to support. When there are more than a couple of projects to support, an expediter may be hired to handle these directly. The Warehouseman’s principle duties concern branch equipment and premises.


The Warehouseman must possess the following abilities, experience and qualifications:

  1. Field experience working with the equipment under his care and a knowledge of operational logistics, environmental conditions and regulations as they pertain to the use, repair and maintenance of equipment.
  2. An ability to organize and maintain both premises and equipment in a neat, orderly, clean and efficient condition.
  3. Practical mechanical, carpentry and electrical skills and an aptitude for practical troubleshooting.
  4. Computer skills, numeracy, the ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing sufficient to perform his duties including the ability to budget, to use spreadsheets and databases to prepare lists and maintain inventory and to prepare short reports.
  5. A demonstrated understanding of and ability to comply with company operational, safety and administrative procedures.
  6. Physically capable of performing the job including lifting up to 60 lbs, climbing and other similar work.
  7. Possess a valid drivers license.
  8. Have demonstrated abilities in communicating effectively, managing negotiations and conflicts and maintaining cordial relationships with clients, employees and suppliers.

The warehouseman has the following responsibilities:

  1. To courteously, promptly and effectively deal with client inquiries, complaints and requests and to keep the Project Managers informed of his actions.
  2. To represent the company to clientsTo assemble, check and issue equipment and supplies to crews in accordance with instructions from Project Managers and to accommodate requests from Crew Chiefs for additional supplies and equipment in consultation with Project Managers.
  3. To receive equipment and inventory from returning crews; to set aside any non-serviceable items; to clean, dry and perform maintenance on these items; to record their return in the company database; and to return them to their proper storage locations.
  4. To promptly and efficiently repair or cause to be repaired any damaged or non-serviceable items; and to promptly perform scheduled or prescribed maintenance on any equipment.
  5. To determine adequate inventory stock levels and equipment requirements; to inform the Operations Manager; and to obtain or purchase this equipment as directed.
  6. To ensure that company premises are maintained in a safe, clean and operational condition.
  7. To act as an Expediter at the direction of the Operations Manager during periods when there are only a few crews in the field.
  8. To act as a Field Labourer or Technician at the direction of the Operations Manager during periods when this service is required.
  9. To effectively supervise expediters and any staff assigned to warehouse duties.
  10. To deal effectively with any other matters particular to his areas of responsibility, whether or not these are explicitly assigned.

  11. Safety and regulatory compliance

    12. To comply with the company Health, Safety and Environmental Protection Program by ensuring that all equipment in his care is maintained in a safe and functional state, by recording the maintenance and repair of this equipment; by ensuring that required equipment checks are performed prior to issuing equipment; by correctly storing hazardous materials in his branch and maintaining required records of these materials; by securing, maintaining and issuing firearms in accordance with company and statutory regulations; and by complying with and implementing any other aspect of the Program which affects his areas of responsibility.

    Personnel & Administration

    13. To deal with assigned employee inquiries, complaints or comments concerning pay, conditions of work, assignments and other personnel matters and for referring these to other company staff where necessary.

    14. To ensure that all company administration procedures and policies are followed by all staff under his control.

    15. To accurately track project expenditures and to report these promptly to the Project Managers.

    16. To cooperate with administrative staff and to ensure that all administrative operations are conducted efficiently including the prompt submission of properly coded receipts and inventory control sheets and the preparation of time sheets for his staff.


    The Warehouseman reports to the Operations Manager. Expediters and warehouse staff report to the Warehouseman. He works cooperatively with Warehousemen from other branches, the Crew Chiefs and Project Managers.


    The Warehouseman has the authority to:

    1. Direct, supervise and discipline warehouse staff and expediters.
    2. To purchase goods and services in consultation with the Operations Manager.
    3. To represent the company to clients.
    4. Take any reasonable and necessary action to fulfill the responsibilities of the position, consistent with established company policy and sound business judgement.


    The Warehouseman’s performance shall be judged by the following:

    1. Field crews are issued the equipment and supplies they are assigned and request as scheduled; and this equipment and these supplies are in good operating condition when issued.
    2. Requests for equipment and supplies by the expediters or crews in the field are promptly and correctly dealt with.
    3. All branch equipment and inventory is functional, clean, inventoried and stored in their proper locations.
    4. Equipment and inventory databases are updated so that they are current and accurate.
    5. All equipment requiring repair is identified, separated, repaired or sent out for repaired and promptly returned to service when fixed. Records of all maintenance and repairs are kept in the company databases.
    6. Adequate inventory stock levels and equipment inventories are kept to support branch field operations.
    7. Branch property and buildings are maintained in a clean, orderly and functional condition.
    8. Expediters and warehouse staff is supervised, perform their duties correctly and efficiently.
    9. All aspects of the Company Health Safety and Environmental Protection Program pertaining to branch premises, equipment and inventory are complied with.
    10. Client inquiries are handled promptly and courteously and the Operations Manager and the Project Managers are kept informed of these inquiries and requests.
    11. Complies with all administrative measures and submits all returns, reports and submissions promptly and correctly.
    12. Maintains a positive attitude and cooperative working relationship with all other employees. Performs all duties in an independent and expeditious manner with minimal supervision, demonstrating good planning skills and sound judgement.

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