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Court Watch Yukon Volunteers Whitehorse, Dawson City, and Watson Lake

Volunteer Bénévoles Yukon
Whitehorse Full Time

Task description:

• Observe court proceedings with respect to violence against women, spousal violence, and sexualized violence

• Attending bail hearings, trials, and sentencings

• Collect data on mutualizing language used, treatment of victims, and overall court atmosphere during these court proceedings

Skills needed

• Interpersonal skills

• Ability to take notes in fast paced environment

• Ability to remain neutral in court proceedings

• Maintaining confidentiality and professionalism

• Understanding and/or interest in the issue of violence against women

• Training and materials will be provided


• Meet with the Court Watch Yukon Volunteer Coordinator and other volunteers once a month for debriefing meeting

• Arrive 15 minutes ahead of court proceedings to take note of court atmosphere

• Take notes, fill out appropriate forms provided, and give them to the Coordinator

• Provide a Criminal Record check

Time commitment

• 8 hours of training

• 4 to 8 hours a week of observing court proceedings in Whitehorse, for communities of Dawson City and Watson Lake observations would take place every 6 weeks rather than every week

• Attend a debriefing meeting once a month approx. 2 hours

Incentive for the volunteer (training opportunity, free ticket for event, etc.)

• Expand understanding of the dynamics of violence against women

• Develop knowledge of the court system through trainings and experience

• Be an active part in the research and data collection to provide feedback and recommendations to interested parties in the justice system (lawyers, judges, etc) to improve women’s experiences in the court system

• Appropriate for those interested in working in the field of social work, social justice, and supporting women who have experienced violence

Staff position that will supervise the volunteer: Reem Girgrah, Court Watch Yukon Volunteer Coordinator

Additional Application Instructions

Contact information Reem Girgrah, Court Watch Yukon Volunteer Coordinator 503 Hanson Street, Whitehorse, YT Phone (867) 667-4637 Email

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