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Technical Work Experience Program (an initiative of the Computers for Schools Program)

Whitehorse Full Time

This is a posting for a contract position starting April 1, 2017 and ending on September 31, 2017. Computers for Schools does not discriminate based on ethnicity, gender, or favorite ice cream. All applications from high school graduates between 15 and 30 years old are welcome and will be considered.

Each year, CFS Yukon provides paid work experience opportunities to youth seeking a career in the IT field through the Technical Work Experience Program, an initiative of the Computers for Schools program. Technical Work Experience Program (T.W.E.P.) hardware technicians refurbish computers for distribution to students and learning organizations in the Yukon. Working with CFS Yukon exposes technician interns to many varieties of computer equipment. This allows youth to hone their experience in hardware, various operating systems, and develop critical team-building, communication, and mentorship skills for future employment.

The program helps to bridge the gap between education and employment, so that applicants in the ICT industry are less likely to be rejected due to lack of experience even though they are otherwise qualified.

Preference will be given to youth who have post secondary experience. If you haven't been through a post secondary program, there's still a chance that this will work as long as you're willing to work through the Comp TIA A+ certification course at the same time.

Job Description:

- receive technology donations and take inventory

- communicate with clients to find out what they require

- sort computers for reuse or disassembly

- troubleshoot computers so they can be fixed and distributed


- must have certified safety boots (steel toe or composite)

- ability to conform to and follow our safety regulations


- working knowledge of Windows 10, and/or Linux Distributions

- a willingness to learn


5 days per week - Monday to Friday

8am to 4pm - working 37.5 hours per week

Additional Application Instructions

Please send your resume and cover letter to, or contact us for directions if you need to drop off a physical copy. We'll contact you for an interview in early March.

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