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YuWIN Statistics at a Glance - September

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Chic Clothing Naturally Sourced - an interview with Climate Clothing

Tucked in amongst a growing number of businesses owned and managed by women in Horwood’s Mall, is Climate Clothing, the passion of Yukon mother and daughter team, Lorraine and Ciara Stick.

Climate offers chic clothing and accessories made from bamboo, soy, eucalyptus and pure cotton. Before the store opened, initially beside Well Read Books and then at the back of Horwood’s Mall, Yukoners had little choice but to shop outside for natural-source attire.

“I really wanted to offer local women the option of putting something that is good for you on your body,’ says Lorraine. “We tend to talk a lot about what we put into our body, but we rarely talk about what we wear next to our skin.”